Dental Treatment Fees

Full Oral Assessment with 2 Bite-Wing Xrays:€55
Full Oral Assessment without Xrays:€40
Small intra oral X-ray:€25 per film
OPG Radiograph:€55
Children 14 and under
Full oral assessment with dentist and routine scale and polish with hygienist:€55

Children up to 6 Years of Age
Free Assessment on day of parent's appointment

Hygiene Therapy
Routine Scale and Polish with Hygienist if not covered on PRSI:€70 for an Adult
€55 for a Child
Periodontal Therapy / Root Planing under local anaesthetic: *
  • Depending on severity of periodontal disease and amount of sessions needed
from €70 - €300
* Periodontal therapy is tax deductible at 20%. A med 2 form will be furnished on completion of treatment.
Tooth Restorations / Fillings
Fissure Sealants:€30 per tooth
Composite (white / tooth coloured) Fillings:from €100 to €350
  • Fees dependent on surfaces, complexity, time involved and whether tooth is front or back.
Six Month Smiles / Adult Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Braces *
Exact treatment cost given at a FREE Consultation:
  • Free initial consultation with doctor.
  • Interest free payment plan.
  • Includes complimentary home whitening / bleaching after orthodontic treatment.
from €1,500 per arch
* Orthodontic treatment is tax deductible at 20%.
Intravenous Sedation:€300 per session
Routine Extractions:from €80 to €100
Surgical Extractions:from €100 to €170
Root Canal Treatments *
Anterior / Front Tooth (single root):from €350 - €400
Premolar Tooth (two roots):from €400 - €500
Molar Tooth (multiple roots):from €550 - €750
  • Fee dependent on complexity of case and number of roots involved.
* Root Canal Treatments are tax deductible at 20%.
Crowns *
Porcelain (tooth coloured) Crowns:from €750 to €1,200
* Crowns are tax deductible at 20%.
Bridges *
Per unit or missing tooth:from €750 to €1,200
per unit
  • Fee quoted on examination.
  • Treatment costs depend on number of missing teeth / location and bridge type.
* Bridges are tax deductible at 20%.
Implant Treatment *
Single Implant:from €1,800
* Implant treatments are tax deductible at 20%.
Acrylic (plastic) Denture:from €300
Chrome Cobalt Denture:from €1,000
Full Upper / Lower Denture:from €600 per base
Home Whitening
Opalescence 16% Carbamide Peroxide Home Kit:*SPECIAL OFFER: €250
was €350
Protective Sportsguards:from €100